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“Spain’s RAL, who was making beats while most people were thinking about prom night, started dabbling in music at age 12, and by 16 he had formed his first duo, Dubsidia. BBC Radio 1 and Ministry of Sound took notice, playing and booking the duo repeatedly, while peers like Skrillex and Borgore shouted them out.

After a few years, Dubsidia broke up. In 2016, RAL dropped his first solo EP, Lifestream, on Gramatik’s Lowtemp label with a little help from Seattle-based Enhanced Nightlife, who brokered the deal. The latest product of that deal is RAL’s new EP, Perspective, featuring six tracks of ethereal bass music.

“Interrelated” opens with a quiet rush of bird songs, ocean waves, arpeggiated keys, big strings, synth stabs, and a male vocal loop. The tension builds until a staccato beat drops, accented by a blipping female vocal. Stuttering, chugging, stopping and starting, the track’s well-timed breaks allow the melody and epic strings to create a space for the energy to breathe before the hard beats and chopped vocals bring the hands-in-the-air party vibe rushing back in.

“Music in essence is the soul of the world we live in,” RAL, now 23, tells Insomniac exclusively. “We breathe every single note, and somehow it always fits the equation. I just can’t imagine life without it. I’m giving my audience life. Music will never end.”

Available March 3 via Lowtemp.”

Article written by Jorge Hernandez


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